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Derp. Gotta repost this. CONCRIT POST. Please tell me if you think I am doing it wrong. She is one of my favourite characters of my childhood.

Anonymous comments are allowed. IP logging is off. Comments are screened although I will unscreen if I'm replying to you so you can see it.

March Threads

I'll check up on February later.

- Personal music (Dante, Minato)
- Mimimon Post (Yuta, Marisa, Cuthbert, Vegeta, Digi!Ken, Anissina)
- Pokemon 101 (Ash, Shaymin, Marisa, TEAM ROCKET!11!)
- Shaymin's sky form (Shaymin)
- Ken kicks puppies also Kaiser'd (Digi!Ken, Yuta)
- Asking dumb boys for advice about dumb boys (Gourry, Dante, Zuko)


State of the union/=Drop Meme

Whooo this was originally part of a long fail essay that I scrapped for Mimi \o/

whine whine whineCollapse )
So my attempt at hiatusing completely failed. I MEAN THIS TIME. COMPLETE FULL HIATUS until after March 17 (that's St. Patrick's Day). I have a paper due that day which I have not done any research for whatsoever. I AM A WINNER who also thought it was due at the end of the month (not so!) plus other things I am behind on. Staying off of irc completely.

I will push my St. Pats post the day later (I'm stuck in class all of Tuesday anyway)


I used tegaki because Gimp kept closing on me. Tegaki has no eyedropper lololol

my clothes are not cute enough for the cowgirlCollapse )

ETA: ONE MORE PICTURE. Based on Shinkurou's fashion tips Read more...Collapse )

Febuary Threads

Threadlogging before it gets too much and I give up on it completely. If you want me to pick up, poke me. I've kind of thrown Mimi all over the place and can't keep track anymore |D;;;


Co-post morning mingle thing with Trucy
FIRE IN THE LAWYERTARIUM! Poland, Debra, and Ohno

BAMBI'S MOTHER IS DEAD Shinjiro, Kanji, Secret and Hiruma

Date post! Sharon and Canada. Screeching at Luffy
Almaz is a prinny d00d. Kaiser, Etna, Setsuna, and Almaz + Mao

Meeting Yuta and wow hello emotional baggage


Feb. 20th, 2009

Pearl Fey (a_medium_rare): 2,729 comments (42.13%), played from 2008-04-27 to 2008-10-29 (186 days at 15 comments/day)
Asakura Hao (haoyohdoin): 472 comments (7.29%), played from 2008-05-18 to 2008-07-18 (62 days at 8 comments/day)
Amidamaru (whoyohgonnacall): 599 comments (9.25%), played from 2008-06-29 to 2009-02-19 (236 days at 3 comments/day)

Blair (acattoofine): 921 comments (14.22%), played since 2008-08-24 (181 days at 5 comments/day)
Kurita Ryokan (thebigfriendly): 154 comments (2.38%), played from 2008-11-03 to 2009-01-22 (81 days at 2 comments/day)
Trucy Wright (wrightpanties): 1,237 comments (19.10%), played since 2008-12-21 (62 days at 20 comments/day)
Tachikawa Mimi (itsallaboutmimi): 365 comments (5.64%), played since 2009-02-15 (6 days at 61 comments/day)

Total comment count: 6,477 since 2008-04-27 (300 days at 22 comments/day)

...lol Mimi. Also loev Kyou

and SPEAKING OF NUMBERS that are probably far more important, Trucy won Best Hat with 9 votes, followed by Mimi with 5 and Blair with 4. I wonder if Blair's would have done better if I had remembered to point out she can use it to grab stuff. Anyway, their hats fought well! Until next time when I app another hat character.


Klavier: trucy I think your app pattern might be girls with hats
Mimi|intro: ...
Mimi|intro: GOD YOU'RE RIGHT

So, guys which hat wins?

ETA: ....lol if I had known, I would've set up a poll. WHOOPS |D;;;

Permissions and Stats

Age: 10
Height: idk shortie!
Weight: A lady never gives her weight!
Medical Info: Healthy! Nothing much to note.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Physical traits: She is very much a normal little girl... who looks like she stepped out of a pink rodeo
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: ...idk AT THIS POINT, I am going to ask no one mention anything past her point in canon (especially since a few people have shown interest in apping 8D). I'm playing early Mimi, probably taken from after Taichi briefly visits home but before everyone is regrouped. Re: "You're FICTIONAL" You can allude to it and she'll just flail and tell you that you're crazy |Db But I'm really going to keep her completely in the dark/denial about all of that
Abilities: RUNNING AWAY and singing. Mimi sing gud 8)b Other stuff isn't really relevant since her digimon is not in camp. Sob someone app her.
Notes for the Psychics: She misses her family, home, and friends. Really just what any normal kid would think about if they were forcibly separated from their home. AT THIS POINT there's not too much of the chosen children, and saving the digital world nonsense. GIRL IS STILL SELFISH.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Ask for the first two. YES FOR THE OTHERS. Sob canon does worse to her.
Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: GIRLS ARE ALLOWED HUGGINGS, and kids who are younger than her. The dudes are probably perverts 8(
Maim/Murder/Death: N-Nooooooo ;;
Cooking: lol no. She never has to cook at home (...yet she somehow become Rachel Ray in the future idk)